Welcome To Tyto Wetlands
The Tyto Wetlands, located in the town of Ingham , North Queensland incorporates lagoons, interpretive signs, hides and lookouts where visitors can appreciate over 200 different species of native birds amongst other wildlife.

There is also a unique array of native Australian Flora for the keen nature observer.

Tyto is a unique experience because it gives people the chance to observe this unique facet of nature while not interfering with the habitat and surrounds. The wetlands features extensive walking tracks which allow visitors to explore the park at their own pace.

Over 200 Species Of Birds

Currently there are 230 known individual species of birdlife in the Tyto Wetlands. When the wetlands opened 30 different birds were catalogued.  The quality of the wetlands has attracted so much new wildlife - who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones who spots a new species that we didn't know about!

Tyto Wetlands Centre

The Tyto Wetlands information centre is a great place to look at displays of not only the magnificent Tyto wetlands but also the Hinchinbrook Shire. The displays in the information centre are mostly interactive and whether you are a novice or an expert birdwatcher, they're sure to be helpful and entertaining.

One of the grandest displays in the centre is Tyto Towers which is a tall apartment like structure which showcases the diversity of bird nests in individual compartments. These compartments are all displayed at a level where they are usually found in their natural habitat and they are all made up with genuine nests of the birds they describe. The compartments contain a photo of the bird as well as images of its eggs and statistics on the species.

To get children involved with learning about the Tyto Wetlands and birdwatching in general the centre contains an exciting fun, interactive display called 'The Rat Chase.' The game is a race between a cut out rat and owl which are on tracks and individually controlled by wheels.

The animal cut outs move on their tracks through a creative mural as the independent wheels are turned - The faster the wheels are turned the faster the animals move through the field. If the owl moves faster and passes the rat the rat drops down and the owl player wins. If on the other hand the rat wins it escapes the owl behind the grass.

The centre also houses an extensive brochure display and a retail section to help get the wetlands the funds needed to keep maintained.

The brochure display is often the first point of interest for visitors and offers an informative selection of brochures and booklets that provide valuable information about the birds that are commonly seen in the wetlands. For all enquiries call the Hinchinbrook Shire on (07) 4776 4600

The Ingham Motel is situated right across from the Tyto Wetlands and is only minutes from Ingham.

Contact your hosts Anna & Doug Holzberger at the Ingham Motel on +61 7 4776 2355 or visit the web site at www.motelingham.com.au to find out more.

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